Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

Studio Shooting with Kate

I was so exited the last days.
After some month Kate and I meet again and made a shooting in my studio.
We love to try extreme make-up and hair styles.

This time we made some photos with a blond Rapunzel wig and a red wig.
It was funny, because Kate dosn't look like her with this wigs XD

This time we hadn't made behind the scene photos, so here are only a few of the finished photos. More you can see in my flickr account

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2008

POTY 2008

Some of my photos are in the POTY2008 Gallery.
I would be happy if you vote for me in my POTY Portfolio

Last night I made some photos in my studio.
With my boyfriend, my rat and my Mom with my cat XD

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

Just life...

I'm back from my Rome vacations.
I was very fascinated by this city....
My favorit day was in the Villa Borghese.
The sculptures from Bernini...
Oh I love Bernini... His sculptures looks so real. I stand in front of "Pluto and Proserpina" and waited that Pluto started to move...

Then some sad things happened.
On of my rats died during my vacations. And the second one died this morning...
So my sweet little Arwen is the last one.
It makes my sad to see how unhappy shes at the moment...
Can't stop crying...

The spanish illustrator David Zucker ( asked me for my permission to use some of my works for his illustrations.
I'm very exited about this.. And I can't wait to see the finish pieces XD