Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

My Year of Exhibitions

After I was published two times in magazins last year. I will exhibit this year two times!
As I told you yesterday : my "7 deadly sins" project is shown on the Photokina 2010 from 21.09.-26.09.2010
Since today it's clear that the same project will be exhibit from 25.10.-07.11.2010 in Haiger for "Kunst in der Stadt" (Art in the city).
The Second exhibition will be in different shops and restaurants in Haiger and from 04.11.-07.11.2010 in the city hall.

Sneek Peek of the first 3 images:

The images looks adorable as Gallery Prints!
I also made my business cards this months:

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

Exhibition on Photokina 2010

Okay, I make it official now:
My 7 deadly sins project will be exhibit in September this year.
And the Place of the exhibition is: THE PHOTOKINA 2010!!!!
If you are in Cologne during this time, or at the photokina make sure to take a look at my images!