Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008


After a long time ago I made a photoshooting.
It was so crazy.... 4 funny girls around me Xd
Had a lot of fun....

Ramona and Tina works as my assistens, looking for the right light and models hair XD

Mona, Tina and Ann-Katrin

Melissa and Mona

Tina and Ann-Katrin

Mona helped with the light XD
And making a pout because Melissa did it too XD

Mona makes Melissas Hair...
Everytime she cryes " STOP! The Hair! Wait!"
We make so much photos. Eating at McDonalds.. Talking nonsence....
A very very funny day XD

But my second flash is broken @_@
There was a bang and then it smokes and it stank so much...

Finished Photos:


Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

Studio Shooting with Kate

I was so exited the last days.
After some month Kate and I meet again and made a shooting in my studio.
We love to try extreme make-up and hair styles.

This time we made some photos with a blond Rapunzel wig and a red wig.
It was funny, because Kate dosn't look like her with this wigs XD

This time we hadn't made behind the scene photos, so here are only a few of the finished photos. More you can see in my flickr account

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2008

POTY 2008

Some of my photos are in the POTY2008 Gallery.
I would be happy if you vote for me in my POTY Portfolio

Last night I made some photos in my studio.
With my boyfriend, my rat and my Mom with my cat XD

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

Just life...

I'm back from my Rome vacations.
I was very fascinated by this city....
My favorit day was in the Villa Borghese.
The sculptures from Bernini...
Oh I love Bernini... His sculptures looks so real. I stand in front of "Pluto and Proserpina" and waited that Pluto started to move...

Then some sad things happened.
On of my rats died during my vacations. And the second one died this morning...
So my sweet little Arwen is the last one.
It makes my sad to see how unhappy shes at the moment...
Can't stop crying...

The spanish illustrator David Zucker ( asked me for my permission to use some of my works for his illustrations.
I'm very exited about this.. And I can't wait to see the finish pieces XD

Sonntag, 31. August 2008


On August 30th, 2008 I met the Photographer Ralf Löhr for a photoshooting with Tina and Isy.
Our main theme was the fairytale "Goldmarie&Pechmarie".
Ralf and I founded the Photography Team: Black&Moon

The clothes are from Kobratrade
Some behind the scene photos:

Ralf Löhr

Then two rider comes along, and we ask If we could make some photos with their horses.
The rider allowed this and so Leonardo and Brownie becomes our models too XD

Some finished photos:

Montag, 7. Juli 2008

Paper Dolls Shooting

On July 5th I meet Lis and Isy at Lis' home and together we drove to the Adolfhütte in Dillenburg. It's an old industrial area....
Today there are some rehearsal rooms from different bands, and different small facilities . Some parts of this area (especially the roof) are abandoned and ruinous.
It's my new favorite location.... I love such abandoned places, but here you found such places not so often.
We arrived there at 1 o'clock and started to make the make up and the newspaper clothes for the day.

Isy and Lis after I made her hair

So many people there come to us and looked what we do.
Here some of the finish photos:

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

Didn't write here something for a long time....
Nothing interesting did happen...
A wait... 2 weeks ago I changed with my website to a new server, so I have a new adress:
If you like to contact me mail at :

The website is still only in english, but I will made a german part of it too...
But I'm not shure, if I will made a second blog, where I will write all this stuff in german too ( to lazy sweethearts XD)

Here the summerholidays started and I hope I will have more shootings during the next 6 weeks... ( I miss it so)
Probably I made the new photos for the website of "Krebs Juwelier" in Herborn.
During the next week my stuff for my Studio will come (I hope so) XD

Samstag, 14. Juni 2008

Something new

I get my new computer...
With Windows Vista...
First I must learn to deal with this...
It's different from XP....
Some work lays for me...
All my photos must be transfered from my laptop to the PC.

The last days were a bit boring....
No learning for test till august...
So I made selfportraits with my usual make up...
I think most people wouldn't know me on this photo..
So many people, old friends, didn't see me for some years...
I'm a bit melancholic... hearing Sarah McLachlan "Time" I love this song so much, but its make me melancholic XD


Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

Victorian Style Shooting

This weekend I had a very nice photoshooting wit Eva-Claudine.
We first meet us at the car park in front of the Wilhelms Tower in Dillenburg.
Eva is a very nice person and from the first second we get along each other...
After a small walk we reached the ruins at the tower and started with the make up and the dresses....
This was the first time I made a phtoshooting with my 60€ Violine from ebay...
I can't play Violine, but I love this instrument since I'm a little girl...
And of course, this violine is purple with pink and violette blossoms XD

Eva booked me for a shooting like the art of Victoria Frances..
We dosn't copyed her works, but get inspired at the clothes and make up..
And again I realized: I forgot a small ladder @_@

Victorian Elegance Violine Violine Girl forlorn Secret

At the last 30 Minutes a Guide from a touristy-group found us in the shrubbery, and after we are finished and walked along the avenue from the Tower and "Villa Grün" the Group and Guide standed there and the guide said: " Looked at this girls, they made a medival photoshooting with wonderful dresses at the tower! Young Lady, this dress suits you very well!" And then one of the tourist said: "Only the broom is missing"

Is a victorian oder medival shooting automatical a witches shooting???

And after we reached our cars it begins to rain...
Perfect timing XD

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008

Fruity Girl

Yesterday Lis and I made a funny photoshooting in my little homestudio with some fruits.
fruity Citrus Girl II
Orange Girl Citrus Girl I

more you can see on my
Flickr Account

After this our boyfriends came to us and we made a barbecue.
We had a lot of fun....

My boyfriend with my lovely cat

Carsten and Daniel