Montag, 9. Mai 2011

My work on PhotoVogue Italia

I'm totally over the moon!
My work "Angelique" is featured on 'PhotoVogue' Italia.

Please support me and vote for the photo there.
Simply klick: "I vote it!"

Link to my Work on PhotoVogue: here

Please Note: I'm registered there with my birth name (Katharina Schimmel) not with my pen name for my photography ( Kiara Black)

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Quick update: May 2011

It's May!
Spring, Flowers,Sunshine, and green green green.
That means: Outdoorshootings for my portfolio.
After all the month of bad and cold weather I can't see my studio at the moment. I'm still shooting indoor but at the moment I prefere the natural light when I have the chance. Especially for my Portfolio.

This month the winner of the "Literaturland Hessen" Photography Competition will be choosen.
My work "Rumpelstilzchen" I shooted with Mara and her ferret for my fairytale project last year is in the competition.
You can see my entry here: here

Next week I'll have a meeting with a gallery owner.
Maybe another chance for an exhibition. I'm a bit nervous.
The style of the photographer and artist I saw on her flyer are the total opposite from my style.
I get her number from a friend of my Mum who know her and told her a bit of me
(Especially my Story of the stolen artworks at the Photokina last year).
The gallery owner was "very interested" and wanted that I call her asap and so we managed a date for a meeting.
But the fact is: I think she had never seen my work before and if my style didn't fit to her gallery or she didn't like it this could become a little disaster.

I even have a meeting with a Model from Berlin this month. She' ll visiting her family near my hometown and so she asked me, if I have time for coffee and maybe a shooting. Let's see!

Yesterday I meet Angelique, a Model and Photographer from my hometown.
We both where a bit astonished that we didn't meet before, even we have a few similarities.

We created this sensual image:

Fire by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

So let's see what the month and the year will bring.