Montag, 21. September 2009


Have a very good month. I've been featured 3times!

First in the September Issue of PhotographyMonthly. My photo " Come to my little world" is in the voting for the "Readers top 100pictures" ( Photo Nr. 56) there.

Second and third features are from MagnusMagazin. I'm featured there at MagnusOnline and my photo "Feeling the wind" is featured at Magnus Issue 19

Then I get the message, that one of my photos is in the Editors Selection for the POTY09...

wish me luck XD

Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Personal things

On Saturday, September 12th I celebrate my birthday.
Had a lot of fun, although Daniel and me had a fight and have a relationship break time at the moment.
Must think about a lot of stuff, about my future for a family, friends and my career...

On my birthday i made a cocktail party. My brother played the barkeeper and he made great cocktails XD
Mona brought her karaoke micro to the party, and so we sung the most time ( If you cold call it "singing" XD)