Montag, 31. August 2009

Gautschfest ( couching festival)

Yesterday I had, together with 10 of my classmates, my big ceremonial.
The "Gautschfest" ( couching festival) at Neu Ansbach at the "Hessenpark"
It's an very old tradition for Mediadesigner and Printer.
It started that the "Kornut" ( that was me and my classmates) will be put at a stool with a wet sponge. Then "Spongeholder" makes you wet with an other sponge over your head. After this 2 people catch you and let you fall in a tub full of water ( and it was cold!) and will dump two bucket full of water over your head again.
I screamed like someone wanna kill me XD But it was so funny!!!!

A few pics from the day:

At the morning, we meet us in a Café at the Hessenpark for: COFFEE

The tub:

Testing the water and looking around the gallery:

Big dinner for us.

Here we are: All 11 Kornuten:

Me in the tub:

Can't get enought water XD

Dry again with our certificates

Samstag, 22. August 2009

Shooting with Steven and Dóri

Yesterday Ruhn and me met my clasmate Dóra with her friend Steven for a fashion shooting.
Had a funny day..
Ruhn and me need more experience at studio photography and Dóri and Steven need images for their model portfolios.

Ruhn photography Steven ...

... and Dóri

New Make-up

Ruhn and his Camera

Dóri in her wedding dress

Finished image:

I will upload more images during the next days/weeks at my Flickr-Account and you can follow my updates at twitter now

Montag, 17. August 2009

Sweet Lolita Shooting

Yesterday I had my first photoshooting with a professional MUA, Ina.
Ina and I met us this day with our model Hoa at the castle in Bad Homburg.
Daniel was with us, as my first assistant.

The finished pieces can you see at my Flickr-Account

Freitag, 14. August 2009

DeviantART: Best Portrait Photograher 2009

I was voted as the Best Portrait photographer 2009 at Deviantarts TheDeviantAwards.

I was nominated together with amazing photographers like Lara Jade and zemotion.

So I even can't realize, that I'm the winner and not of these amazing woman!

Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

Shooting with Isy

After nearly a year, Isy and me met again for a photoshooting.
We went into the forest near her house. There is a wonderful place with old stones and meteorites into a little lake.
Because of the last hot days without rain, the lake was empty, so we could go to the stones and take a few photos there.
I'm hopefull to do somre photos there again, when the lake is full of water.

We finished the day with an icecream in a cafè and we forgett the time.
We sat there 3 hours, and talked about so much stuff. Lovely day

The finish pieces are at: and