Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

Shooting with Isy

After nearly a year, Isy and me met again for a photoshooting.
We went into the forest near her house. There is a wonderful place with old stones and meteorites into a little lake.
Because of the last hot days without rain, the lake was empty, so we could go to the stones and take a few photos there.
I'm hopefull to do somre photos there again, when the lake is full of water.

We finished the day with an icecream in a cafè and we forgett the time.
We sat there 3 hours, and talked about so much stuff. Lovely day

The finish pieces are at: and

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June Paski hat gesagt…

yah i love the result of the photos, i hope you have lot of photoshoot again :), u should check out lot of japanese magazine, they have awesome photography and fashion sense :)