Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Germanys Next Topdesigner

Today we had our result day and get our certifications themed " Germanys Next Topdesigner"
It was so funny. We had an orange carpet and our teacher and the examination board sat in front of us, on a orange table.
Then our teacher comes, dressed like a charlady and said, that the IHK couldn't paid for Heidi Klum, so she must di the job.
Everyone of us get called, and she said some funny things about each person.
Then we must walk about the carpet, our catwalk, and get our credentials.
I'm the best from my IHK.. Can't believe it... I had such a bad feeling.

Mona and me in front of our label..

.... and with our teacher

My class in front of the "Brühl'schen Universitätsdruckerei"

After this our class and families eat greek together.

Samstag, 27. Juni 2009


My chef called me today. I'm passed!
Now, I'm offical a mediadesigner for digital and printmedias, main focus Design.

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009


Today my class made our "Abschlussfrühstück" in Gießen.
At 10 o'clock we meet us at "Mr.Jones" and had breakfast together. as a funny day. I think they'll never sold so much Latte Macciatto as on this day XD
We are all coffeejunkiesXD

We made a little book. One page about every person in our class. And everybody must write a sentence to everybody. It seems, that the most of my classmates think about me only 3 things:
Pink, High Heels and Photography!
One of my classmates is going to live in London in October. And I think about going to London again.
I'm not sure what the time will bring. The next days I'll made "holidays".
Hopefull to drive to the lake with friends this weekend.
Saturday we have "Altstadtfest".

Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

website update

Started to update my website with the new CD and so on...
The page will be under construction for the next day.

Montag, 15. Juni 2009


This morning my mom and me drove to Darmstadt for the test at the university.
It rained all the day.... Stopped at a roadhouse for a cup of coffee

At university I meet my classmate Julia.
Made a quick photo for my Teacher with the little clock she gaved us for our final exams.

Then we sitt there in a room for nearly 4 hours...
So much people.... Must draw a lot of stuff.

At first they want to know some things about us " What's your favorite: Photographer/Artist and architect and why"
What's your favorite font and wich not.
What's your favorie logo and wich not...
and so things...

Then we must go around the university and draw 2 scribbles with the theme hard and soft.
The third thing was a metamorphose from as example a "m" to a "K"

Forth: make a Cover for a magazin with the main theme "Village/city"
Fifth: Drawing " men in darkness"
sixth: reading a text and give them a headline...
and I forgotten one....

Tomorrow I'll drive again to Darmstadt for my portfolio...
And after that, Julia, her mom, my mom and me going shopping XD

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

Funny Day

Today I made the last photos for my university portfolio I need on Monday.
From 12.00pm till 18.30pm my family and neighbours come to me, and I made funny portraitures from them.
I was inspired by Andrew Farringtons "One Hat Wonders"