Montag, 15. Juni 2009


This morning my mom and me drove to Darmstadt for the test at the university.
It rained all the day.... Stopped at a roadhouse for a cup of coffee

At university I meet my classmate Julia.
Made a quick photo for my Teacher with the little clock she gaved us for our final exams.

Then we sitt there in a room for nearly 4 hours...
So much people.... Must draw a lot of stuff.

At first they want to know some things about us " What's your favorite: Photographer/Artist and architect and why"
What's your favorite font and wich not.
What's your favorie logo and wich not...
and so things...

Then we must go around the university and draw 2 scribbles with the theme hard and soft.
The third thing was a metamorphose from as example a "m" to a "K"

Forth: make a Cover for a magazin with the main theme "Village/city"
Fifth: Drawing " men in darkness"
sixth: reading a text and give them a headline...
and I forgotten one....

Tomorrow I'll drive again to Darmstadt for my portfolio...
And after that, Julia, her mom, my mom and me going shopping XD

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