Freitag, 29. Januar 2010

Featured in Photography Monthly II

In September 2009 I was featured again in the UK Magazin Photography Monthly.

Today the lovely and very talented Calisto Photography was so kind to send me the page of the magazin with my photo.

As you see, there is a little mistake. Instead of "Kiara Katharina Schimmel" or "Kiara Black Photography" the Magazin wrote "Kiara XD" as the photographer

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

First days of the new year

I think, this year could be very great!
I have a new job! The print office, where I made my education as a mediadesigner couldn't take me after my education. But now my training supervisor has a new job in an other office and so they asked me, if I would have his job!!!
Totally amazing!

I'm planing a big Photoproject for this year, with many models, a few MUAs and Hairstylist and maybe one or two fashion designer.
It will begin in the time of march.

I'm very hopefull that this project could be puplished in magazins.
So if you are a Designer with a bit extraordinary clothings and accessories, living in Germany and are interested, to be a part of this project, don't be shy and ask.