Montag, 25. April 2011

New Muse

I found my new Muse.
The wonderful Model Elena Bauer.
I shooted her a month ago for the Cakes Project.
Yesterday she called me if I had time and would shoot with her again.
So we meet us a few ours later.
At first we took a few shoots in the studio with a baroque HairStyling, tulips and black pearls.
As we realized that we had a lot of time till her train back home goes, we decided to go outdoor and making a few photos with natural light.
I love natural light. I will always love it more than studio light, even the studio light is easier and more comfortable to handle than natural light.
After the outdoor shoot we went back to the studio and shoot a few photos there again.

And now: Retouching work!!!
IT#s a long time ago that I had so much fun retouching photos...
Simply amazing!!!
Take a look:

From the second Studio Shooting:

Elena by *Killercatkiara on deviantART


Spring Editorial by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

Backlight Dream by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

Freitag, 15. April 2011

Shooting with Centrate

Back from the shooting with the local metal Band Centrate.
Very nice guys. Had a funny day.
Realized that the months of Studio shootings spoilt me a bit because of the unchanging lighting conditions.
But I'm still prefere the natural light look.

Here a preview of one image.

And now: of to a relaxing girls day at Maddys Home with "Lost in Austen" and other DVDs.

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Cakes - Stracciatella Cherry Cake

Had my last planed shootings for the month yesterday.
The next days and weeks I'll spending with redecorating my flat, organizing new shootings and retouching older work.
A Bandshooting will come in the next weeks: First outdoor Shooting this year ( YES!!!!)

But back to yesterday:
Stracciatella Cherry Cake from the cakes Project.
This time with Dòri as Model and Ina as MUA and the first Commission Cake Shooting with Lena
Ina was the first MUA I worked with. It was the Sweet Lolita Shooting with Hoa in Bad Homburg in 2009

This was one of the finished photos:

And here are a few Behind the Scene images from yesterday:

Dori getting Hair&Make-up

Should I be afraid of these two???

Dori getting the Cake and Chocolate crumble:

Lena getting Hair&Make-up

Maddy wreaking a 80s Hair Style on herself (80s Party next saturday WHOOOO!!!)

We love to play with food:

In the upcoming weeks I started organizing a few new projects.
One of them will be a project I like to photograph since years.
Very Colorful, dark and sadly not very new.
A project nearly every Photographer made once a time....
And then will follow a few editorials. I'm hopefull that I can shoot all of them this year.