Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Cakes - Stracciatella Cherry Cake

Had my last planed shootings for the month yesterday.
The next days and weeks I'll spending with redecorating my flat, organizing new shootings and retouching older work.
A Bandshooting will come in the next weeks: First outdoor Shooting this year ( YES!!!!)

But back to yesterday:
Stracciatella Cherry Cake from the cakes Project.
This time with Dòri as Model and Ina as MUA and the first Commission Cake Shooting with Lena
Ina was the first MUA I worked with. It was the Sweet Lolita Shooting with Hoa in Bad Homburg in 2009

This was one of the finished photos:

And here are a few Behind the Scene images from yesterday:

Dori getting Hair&Make-up

Should I be afraid of these two???

Dori getting the Cake and Chocolate crumble:

Lena getting Hair&Make-up

Maddy wreaking a 80s Hair Style on herself (80s Party next saturday WHOOOO!!!)

We love to play with food:

In the upcoming weeks I started organizing a few new projects.
One of them will be a project I like to photograph since years.
Very Colorful, dark and sadly not very new.
A project nearly every Photographer made once a time....
And then will follow a few editorials. I'm hopefull that I can shoot all of them this year.

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