Sonntag, 25. Mai 2008

Short Shooting with an old friend

yesterday I meet my old friend Jenny. We didn't see us along time...
I think it was my birthday in Septembre 2007, when we meet us last time...
We sit down and talked a lot and then we spontanus made some photo outside for her wkw-profile.
I made her hair and she gets dressed in one of my wardrobes...
Then I made the first Photo for my Dark Fairytale Project with her.
The title is " The Star Talers"
The Star Talers

I think it's not "dark" enough for my series, but I like it...
In the End of June i will made a weekend shooting with her, for a calender for her boyfriend...

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008

Conceptual Shooting with Kate

After a long time Kate and myself worked together again.
It was a conceptual shoot for a competition for
It was funny and relaxing.
We are a good team, we understand us without words and I think the photos are quite good.
Come into my little world Ornithophobie
Golden Cage

While we are taking the photos on the acre, a little dog came to us andn looked what we do.
This was the fourth time that a dog stand beside me during a photoshoting...
Love dogs cameras or photographers?? Or just my models???XD
trapped in silence

During the clothing change and I made a few behind the scene shoots.
There you see my lovable 14year old VW Golf and Kates Bird Cage.
She's doing her green make up for the second part of the shooting in the green field.

Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

New Photoshooting and "The Mission" by Canon

I had a new photoshooting with Christina and Ramona in the Shopping Center in Siegen...
We had some fun there and Ramona has a good day, so she was a fantastic model...

smiling girl In the mall The call summertime

Later the day we meet some skater and take some photos of them:

Skaterboy IV Skaterboy III
more photos you can see on my flickr and deviantart gallery.

Then I need your help...
One of my photos is in the Canon- Photography Contest "The Mission"
I need you too vote for me XD
Please help me....

This is my photo: summertime
The Canon Mission Link is here: