Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Elena for Covergirl

Elena is with a photo I made from her in the competition for the next Covergirl for the Evernight Books.
You can vote for her here
( It's very sad that they don't searching the book cover image, I think my image would be really nice as a book cover)

And here's the image of the book cover:

And the original photo from me:

Spring Editorial II by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Limited Print Edition from the 7 deadly sins avaible

My 7 deadly sins Project is avaible as a Limited Print Edition at
Only 100 print per photo. I used WhiteWall for printing my photos for exhibitions too and I love the high quality they have.

Here's the link to the prints:

Avaritia Superbia Individia Luxuria Gula

Here are the printed image at my Exhibition at Photokina 2010 in Cologne ( and yes, they are still stolen!)
Photokina 2010 - Kiara Black Photography
Photokina 2010 - Kiara Black Photography

Shooting with Kayla: July 2nd 2011

I was very exited as I get a mail from a girl from canada in tjis june.
Kayla was in Germany for the summer and she asked me for a shooting. Of course I said yes ^^
We meet us on 2nd July with our MUA Lisa at the trainstation in Haiger.
At first it was a bit confusing talking english all the time. ( even I realized it's easier to give posing instructions in english then in german ^^)
Here are a few BTS

I'm still retouching images from the shooting, but two finished one's are here:
Kayla Studio I

Testshooting for Modelakademie

I realized that I didn't wrote an entry for a long time.
I only had two shootings this months, used the other time for a bit vacation and relaxing.

The first shooting was a testshooting for a ModelAgency called "Modelakademie" on July 1th 2011.
It's located in Hanau Germany and the booker get in contact with me a while ago, asked, if i'm interested in testing a few of his models.

at first I planed to make an outdoor shooting, but then it rained all the day so we made a indoor shooting.

For this shooting I worked again with Ina Weiershäuser ( ).
Here are 2 BTS with Ina and the Models Joe & Ivette from Modelakademie

Here are the finished images:

Fashion Victims