Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Art thefts on Facebook

it happened again, someone used my images without my permission.
But this time the story is a little bit bigger, because the person dosn't only use my photographs and the work of hundred other artists around the world: She sell it, and says it is her!
So this is the time where I decided to go to a lawyer. I already sent her a bill, and a few mails. waiting now what will happen. After my africa vacation I have a meeting with my lawyer.
I think all this is really bad for the Model on the images, Hoa. Because this person is using nearly all of her images and say she's the model.
I had a shooting with Hoa in 2009, in Bad Homburg, Germany and know 2 images from this shooting are used by another person, saying she had payed the photographer, and that she's the model, etc.

Sweet Lolita II by =Killercatkiara on deviantART

If you wanna find out if you're images are stolen, too, check out the FB Group:

There you'll find screenshots of her gallery, because you can only see the pictures, if you are a close friend to her!