Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Quick update: May 2011

It's May!
Spring, Flowers,Sunshine, and green green green.
That means: Outdoorshootings for my portfolio.
After all the month of bad and cold weather I can't see my studio at the moment. I'm still shooting indoor but at the moment I prefere the natural light when I have the chance. Especially for my Portfolio.

This month the winner of the "Literaturland Hessen" Photography Competition will be choosen.
My work "Rumpelstilzchen" I shooted with Mara and her ferret for my fairytale project last year is in the competition.
You can see my entry here: here

Next week I'll have a meeting with a gallery owner.
Maybe another chance for an exhibition. I'm a bit nervous.
The style of the photographer and artist I saw on her flyer are the total opposite from my style.
I get her number from a friend of my Mum who know her and told her a bit of me
(Especially my Story of the stolen artworks at the Photokina last year).
The gallery owner was "very interested" and wanted that I call her asap and so we managed a date for a meeting.
But the fact is: I think she had never seen my work before and if my style didn't fit to her gallery or she didn't like it this could become a little disaster.

I even have a meeting with a Model from Berlin this month. She' ll visiting her family near my hometown and so she asked me, if I have time for coffee and maybe a shooting. Let's see!

Yesterday I meet Angelique, a Model and Photographer from my hometown.
We both where a bit astonished that we didn't meet before, even we have a few similarities.

We created this sensual image:

Fire by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

So let's see what the month and the year will bring.


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