Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

Didn't write here something for a long time....
Nothing interesting did happen...
A wait... 2 weeks ago I changed with my website to a new server, so I have a new adress:
If you like to contact me mail at :

The website is still only in english, but I will made a german part of it too...
But I'm not shure, if I will made a second blog, where I will write all this stuff in german too ( to lazy sweethearts XD)

Here the summerholidays started and I hope I will have more shootings during the next 6 weeks... ( I miss it so)
Probably I made the new photos for the website of "Krebs Juwelier" in Herborn.
During the next week my stuff for my Studio will come (I hope so) XD

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