Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

Victorian Style Shooting

This weekend I had a very nice photoshooting wit Eva-Claudine.
We first meet us at the car park in front of the Wilhelms Tower in Dillenburg.
Eva is a very nice person and from the first second we get along each other...
After a small walk we reached the ruins at the tower and started with the make up and the dresses....
This was the first time I made a phtoshooting with my 60€ Violine from ebay...
I can't play Violine, but I love this instrument since I'm a little girl...
And of course, this violine is purple with pink and violette blossoms XD

Eva booked me for a shooting like the art of Victoria Frances..
We dosn't copyed her works, but get inspired at the clothes and make up..
And again I realized: I forgot a small ladder @_@

Victorian Elegance Violine Violine Girl forlorn Secret

At the last 30 Minutes a Guide from a touristy-group found us in the shrubbery, and after we are finished and walked along the avenue from the Tower and "Villa Grün" the Group and Guide standed there and the guide said: " Looked at this girls, they made a medival photoshooting with wonderful dresses at the tower! Young Lady, this dress suits you very well!" And then one of the tourist said: "Only the broom is missing"

Is a victorian oder medival shooting automatical a witches shooting???

And after we reached our cars it begins to rain...
Perfect timing XD

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