Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008


After a long time ago I made a photoshooting.
It was so crazy.... 4 funny girls around me Xd
Had a lot of fun....

Ramona and Tina works as my assistens, looking for the right light and models hair XD

Mona, Tina and Ann-Katrin

Melissa and Mona

Tina and Ann-Katrin

Mona helped with the light XD
And making a pout because Melissa did it too XD

Mona makes Melissas Hair...
Everytime she cryes " STOP! The Hair! Wait!"
We make so much photos. Eating at McDonalds.. Talking nonsence....
A very very funny day XD

But my second flash is broken @_@
There was a bang and then it smokes and it stank so much...

Finished Photos:


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