Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2007

Frankfurt - Christmas Markt

Yesterday I went with Christina and Leila to Frankfurt.
We had a great and funny day. Get the last christmas presents for our families and take a short fotoshooting.
What you don't know
Haunted Heart

The christmas market was great. We eaten too much chocolat fruits. But they were so delicious XD
Du bist der Größte

And we found so nice Jewellerys. I bought a moonstone ring. It looks very old.

In Frankfurt are 2 roundabouts. one with wonderful old looking horses. So Leila and I get riding a horse, while Tina photographs us and the roundabout.
wild horses
After this us was so cold and we go to a Subway for eat. After this we take a train to Giessen and bought there some Jewellerys in a Shop. Then we went home.

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Kristen hat gesagt…

Thank you for posting your beautiful photographs. We were looking for photos of a Christmas market. It looks like fun. We had fun translating the cookie sayings into English. We have heart shaped candy for Valentine's Day that have sayings on them.

We live in Forks in Washington State in the USA.