Montag, 25. Mai 2009


My exams are over.
Yesterday I finished my practical one.
So it was time for another photoshooting XD

Last tuesday I meet my classmate Marina. Made some portraiture shoot of her, for her boyfriends.
We take the photos outside, where I made the Cage Shooting with Kate last year.

On saturday Tina and Mona, both with short hair now. and they look so good....
Beeing a bit jelouse.... but I don't know if short hair will fit to my...

At first we go to an old industrial area, but there the light wasn't so good. And we three decided to go in the free nature..
So we traveled to the field and little beck where I made the shooting with Marina days befor.
Have a lot of fun, like always. But I realised I need a new lens for my camera.

the finished works you can see at my flickr

By the way, I have twitter now.
You find me there as "Kiara_Black" Was a bit shocked that someone get my name there befor me....

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June Paski hat gesagt…

awesome shot, i haven't shot like one months, i miss do it :)