Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Bealtic Sea Holidays

My 5 Days at the Baltic Sea started with a road trip across Germany on Monday morning.
After 7 hours on the road my mother and me arrived Kellenhusen. Our first step there goes to the beach.

On the second day, we drove at first to Heiligenhafen and made a short sight-seeing.

Then we drove to the island Fehmarn. Visited there an aquarium with sharks and tropical fishes. Very interessting, very beautiful.
Sharks are so amazing animals.
Take look at their website ( german and english).

After that we drove across the island to the City/Village Pudgardn and watched the ferrys from the scanline there.

We eat at small restaurant on the beach and waited there 3 hours for the sunset...

The third day we were totaly lacy and rest on the beach at Kellenhusen.
On thurday we visited Lübeck.

This young lady and her dress are made with marchpane

The last day was a bit rainy. We went to Grömitz. Was there at the 7th class with my old school.

On saturday morning we drove back home.

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