Sonntag, 15. November 2009

25 things about me

1. I am a coffeeholic

2. I am allergic to animal hairs and gluten

3. I had a near death experiance in 2001 because of a antibiotic allergy

4. I used to sing in a girl band for a few years

5. I am a totally Harry Potter Freak!

6. I am very emotional and romantic

7. I hated school - although I got good grades

8. I was 3 years at an Artschool

9. It's hard for me to trust people

10. I am NOT a morning person, I need 2 cups of coffee or cappucchino bevor you can talk to me in the morning!

11. i'm very very clumsy! I'm falling over, running into doors, hurting myself or dropping things.

12. I'm pulling on doors where is written " PUSH"

13. I'm a fully-qualified mediadesigner

14. I wanted to be an actress before even thinking about a mediadesigner and photography job.

15. I'm very connected to my home and I can't imagine to life otherwhere for a longer time.

16. I keep my family, friends and loved ones close to my hearts, that's the reason they could hurt me easy

17. I have no contact to my biological father, and don't want to, because of bad things he said to me when I was younger

18. I get irritable very easy. I cannot sit and be doing one thing for too long, especially editing!

19. I love my 15 year old VW Golf and if it's possible, I would never drive an other car

20. I need a lot of money for my drugs: SHOES!!!!! ( and bags and cloaks....)

21. I am a shopaholic

22. I havefive piercings in my ears

23. I listen to nearly all types of music, dependent from my mood

24. My eyes changing the color with my mood ( happy= grey-blue / sad=grey/ angry= green-yellow and so on)

25. I am planning to move to UK, Ireland or New York one time

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