Samstag, 27. März 2010

3 of 7 deadly sins Part II

Today I had the second shooting of my 7 deadly sins project.
This day I was shooting laziness, arrogance and enviousness.
At 8.20 a.m. I drove to Dillenburg to pick up my assistent Onk and my first model Yuliya.
The dresses for this day:

At 9 o'clock our MUA Kati ( kawasi) and her assistent Anna arrived and started with the Make-up and Hait for laziness.

During this time our second model Dòri and my second assistent Kate arrived.
First thing to do: EAT!!!!!

Then the first shooting beginns:

Dori getting her Make-up and Hair

Dress and Nailpolish:

Dòris Shooting:

Cindy arrived

The complete group:

Cindys getting Make-up an at the set:

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Sieht spannend aus :) Ich freue mich schon auf die ganzen Resultate!