Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

This year... so far

Seems I wrote my last blogentry million years ago.
Happend a lot since this. And I will show you a lot of images in this blogentry this time

I had a lot of Testshootings with Bella Pictures for our upcoming "Cake me" Project.
It's amazing how many adorable girls and women live around my hometown.

Annabell by *Killercatkiara on deviantART
Jacqueline by *Killercatkiara on deviantART
Jaqueline by *Killercatkiara on deviantART
50s by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

I started a test with the cake styling this weekend. I used Maddy who is my assistent since a few months as a model for the christmas Cookies ( Cinnamon stars)

Cake me - Christmas Cookies by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

I made the Applepie-Cake with Mara, you all know her as Rumpelstilzchen from my fairytale Project, but to it later.
I will remade the Applepie Shoot, next year, beause I'm not so happy with the results after the Christmas cookie Shoot.

This year was amazing for me. I was exhibit at Photokina 2010 in cologne in September with my "7deadly sins" Project from the early year. All my printed images are stolen there.

In November I was exhibit with the same Project in my hometown and I get my diploma in photography/photodesign.

My work Acedia from the 7 deadly sins was featured at

and I was shown at the mainpage from

So, back to "Rumpelstilzchen"
It's my entry for a local photography competition with the titel "magical Hesse".

From Marz 2011 you can vote for the image.
This will be my last entry for this year, so I wish you all a merry christmas ( or whatever you celebrate this month) and a happy new year


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