Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

little update

It's just a little update.
I'm looking foreward for great projects this year. Most of them are still visions in my head.

At the moment I'm working on two project.
One is the "Cake me" Project with Bella Pictures and the other one is a very private "Smoke" Series.
A black&white series from smoking Divas ( I'm not pro cigarettes, but they are a wonderful accessoire for photographs!!)
I call it "very privat" because after a long time of working only with big teams, including Make-up Artist and assistents, I'm alone with the model here.
Sometimes it's really nice when there's only you and the model and no one else around, especially when you know all the models you're shooting with and have a good realationship to them.

Here the results so far:

Smoke II by *Killercatkiara on deviantART
Smoke by *Killercatkiara on deviantART

I'm still searching Designer and Stylist for upcoming project. Of course it would be amazing when they were from germany, because this would make it all easier.

So if you're interested( or if you know someone) in working with me, don't be affraid to contact me via Mail (

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