Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Chocolat Crisp Ice Cream

Yum yum..m my chocolar ice is finally finished. I never eat such an amazing chcocolat ice... It's for real chocaholics XD
Oh and it has crisp inside XD
After the first two Ice Cream Shootings I decided that this will be my summer project.
Its so different to my regular shootings, so it makes really fun.
Next Ice will be strawberry and on friday I have a fashion and portraitshooting with Mina and Kate ( this time as my assistent) By the way: Congrats to your new job Kate.

Back to the Ice Cream: The beautiful lillies are from my garden. I love lillies.
My favorite flowers. We have them in all colors here...

Chocolat Crisp Ice Cream


Mieze hat gesagt…

Lilien UND Eis? Wundervoll <3

Kiara Black hat gesagt…

Jaaaa ich liebe Lilien und Eis. eine perfekte Mischung, für einen perfekten Sommer XD